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Welcome! I'm a Flame Artist



I'm a post-production freelancer, composer and vfx supervisor, but with some details. My DNA is the commitment, with a great desire to push the bar, participate, suggest, solve problems, add and contribute before, during and after shooting, side by side of Directors, DPs, Producers and Creatives.  I like that situation that many may not like, having to do more, resolve, propose, take risks and do what I have not yet done before.

Am I scalable?


Absolutely, i'm totally scalable!

This is an huge advantage. When I need help, I can choose a friend with whom I have worked for many years and who has a specific skill and advanced than me. Fortunately I have access to excellent  the best professionals around the world with affordable rates.

One-man band?


Maybe, maybe not, it depends on the size and complexity of your project or even your budget. If you are looking for a huge post company, I'm certainly not what you need, but if you need a partner in post production, beast in Flame and Nuke comfortable dealing with lean production, small teams and with a tight budget, you've arrived on the right place!

Remote, why not!


Today it is trending to work remotely and it seems that everyone has adapted. I work remotely for over 10 years and I certainly acquired some experience with it. Organization and on time deliveries are fundamental, besides of course an excellent communication through some Apps like, Frame io, Slack and Shotgun and fast Fiber 1Gb Internet.

Latest Projects

What kind of project do you need a help?

Short Films

Short film, short money?No problem! Bring your idea to me! Pitch me, let's make this happen.

Set Supervisor

Make things happen on the shoot as planned and deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Low Budget

Features Films

Your budget is limited and not as you would like?

Let's figure out about the solution together.

TV Shows

Long-term formats with daily updates and deliveries

TV Commercials

Tight deadline, fast return, quality, on time delivery, expectations aligned and excellent communication. With over 25 years of experience in TV Commercials for Production Company and Agencies we can help you.

Fix it on Post

Someone on set said "Hey, don't worry, you can fix it on post!"...well, that's true :)

What I can do for you.



Autodesk Flame 2022



Nuke 13

My tools and skills



Adobe After Effects



Nuke 12

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